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  1. Edger Dust Collection Adapter

    Starting at $25.41

    Vac Adapt Old Style Rubber B2 Learn More
  2. Edger Swivel Pipe

    Starting at $239.01

    Discharge Pipe, swivel w/ bag Learn More
  3. Edger Dust Skirt

    Starting at $13.38

    Dust Skirt Velcro Learn More
  4. Sale
    Radiator Edger Vacuum Adapter
    Special Price $63.20 Regular Price $75.84
    Adapter Dust Containment Learn More
  5. Super Pad

    Starting at $93.63

    Super Edger Pad Learn More
  6. Spanner Nut

    Starting at $8.03

    Paper Washer Nut Short Learn More
  7. Radiator Edger Paper Bolts

    Starting at $1.34

    Wrench, Hex Key Learn More
  8. Paper Washer

    Starting at $3.34

    Paper Washer Learn More
  9. Paper Bolt

    Starting at $1.34

    Paper Retainer Screw Learn More
  10. EZ Roll Wheel Kit

    Starting at $132.41

    Caster Upgrade, EZ Roll Learn More
  11. Edger Wrench

    Starting at $18.06

    Wrench B2 Edger Learn More
  12. Edger Switches

    Starting at $13.31

    Switch, LD Edger Learn More
  13. Edger Pad Wrench

    Starting at $26.75

    Edger Pad Removal Tool Learn More
  14. Edger Lube

    Starting at $12.71

    Edger Lube Learn More
  15. Edger Casters

    Starting at $33.44

    Caster Learn More
  16. Edger Case

    Starting at $26.75

    Case, B2 Carry Learn More
  17. Edger Bulb (Standard & LED)

    Starting at $2.34

    Bulb 220v Learn More
  18. Brushes

    Starting at $8.69

    Brushes, set of 2 Learn More
  19. Bona Edger Casters

    Starting at $60.19

    Caster Assembly Learn More
  20. Bona Edger Belts

    Starting at $20.06

    Belt, Bona Edge Learn More
  21. Sale
    Commutator Stone
    Special Price $9.20 Regular Price $11.04
    Com Stone Each Learn More
  22. Sale
    Bag Clamp
    Special Price $28.09 Regular Price $33.71
    Bag Clamp Learn More
  23. Sale
    Edger Pigtail
    Special Price $21.40 Regular Price $25.68
    Pigtail w/Plug, Edge Learn More
  24. Sale
    Super 7 LED Kit
    Special Price $65.54 Regular Price $78.65
    Edger LED (Super 7 only) Learn More
  25. Sale
    Edger Case Latch
    Special Price $7.76 Regular Price $9.31
    Latch, Edger Case Learn More
  26. Sale
    Spanner Wrench
    Special Price $10.70 Regular Price $12.84
    Spanner Wrench Learn More
  27. Sale
    7" fiber Disc
    Special Price $12.04 Regular Price $14.45
    7" Edger Pad (Fiber) no nut Learn More
  28. Sale
    Caster Bearings
    Special Price $4.61 Regular Price $5.54
    Bearing, Sealed Learn More
  29. Sale
    Belt Clip
    Special Price $6.35 Regular Price $7.62
    Belt Clip & Ring Assy Learn More
  30. Sale
    Brushes, B-2
    Special Price $8.69 Regular Price $10.43
    Brushes, set of 2 Learn More
  31. Sale
    Cartridge Bearing
    Special Price $17.66 Regular Price $21.19
    Caster Bearing, Pivot Learn More
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